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Activities happen year round - For timed events: see Program
There is always plenty to do at Contenda.
You can read all day, chop fire wood, engage in gardening or maybe building work, discuss the day away, sketch permaculture designs, or put the weatherstation information online.

* Please contact us before arrival so we can prepare our arrival rituals (joke), filter some extra water, cut the grass for your tent,...

* Bring your own tent, sleeping bag, ... while leaving waste (packaging, ...) out.

* Contenda is not a camping site.
Course attendants only for the time of the course. Please read: Staying At Contenda.
A wild flower meadow is a beauty to the eye but it does ask effort to establish one.

This is a seasonal activity
Wild Flower Meadow
The nights in rural Portugal are dark which allows to gaze into the universe. May it make us humble and feel connected.
Weather Station