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- A Principled Internationalist Nation  -
Rooters &  Invites

Rooters are people who are most closely connected to the running of Contenda.
They stay over for longer periods as long as being self-sufficient or work for the cause from remote.

Rooters generally can make use of the House Exchange Program if agreed upon by the other Rooters.

Invites are people who are ... invited to stay at Contenda for a set time e.g. to follow a course or have a break from urban life.

Until permits are sorted and the work done their private space will be a tent. As Contenda is not a camping their stay has to be relatively brief.
People who join following the House Exchange Program will be hosted according to what is agreed.
Staying at Contenda
Code of Conduct
* No Drugs - This includes alchohol and tobacco.
The only exception being certified holistic practitioners using substances during therapy sessions only.
* No Naked - No revealing tops either.
* Absolutely no dogs from Invites. Rooters could keep max 2. This to avoid fouling and dog fights.
* Small bonfires only on designated areas after consent about time and size.
* Reduce the waste-packaging you bring to Contenda. Take your waste back with you.
Costs & Fees
* You will never be charged to stay at Contenda.
* Contributions are voluntary.
* Course fees and/or advances are asked to make the event possible.
Decision Making Process
The daily running and mid-term planning are generally made in consensus during formal regular meetings. These meetings are open to Rooters and Invites.
As where the premisses stands Contenda is governed as a demoicracy. This means that either the owner or, in a later stage, the Trust as owner, has the authority and responsibility to direct the running of Contenda in the common interest.

Personal Responsibility > Local Communal Responsibility > Overall Responsability Through Peer Review.
In principle no revenue making activities take place at Contenda unless to sustain permanent caretakers.
If a revenue was generated (e.g. by selling produce, YouTube Channel,...) the principle of distribution is as follows:
1/3 to the workers  -   1/3 to Contenda   -   1/3 to be gifted to a cause the Community decides on.
Contenda is a small, off grid, off road place at an elevation of 650 meter.
Housing is small, basic and scarce: 1 small house and a camper van. Ruins to be rebuild.
Water for all activities: a small stream and a puddle pool.
Electricity: minimal supply from a solar power with a backup generator.
Toilet: must be used to avoid water contamination - A small out building.
Heating: wood stoves in house and camper.
Cooking: wood stoves, BBQ. - We might get (natural) gas burners and/or solar powered stoves.
Waste management: avoid bringing anything non-organic in. Take it out when you leave.
Netflix: no. - We do consider getting a projector with out doors screen for summer time screenings.
Mobile phone reception / Internet: patchy. - We might sign up to satellite broadband.

=> Bring your own tent.
=> Be careful with fire.
=> Do not litter or use any other place as the toilet for your business.
Respect & Enjoy

- You can but do not need to participate in anything -